All products are designed by us and in a way that most parts can be replaced and when used up can be recycled. They are produced in Sweden with Swedish FSC certified pine, stainless steel and vegetable tanned leather. In some pictures there are props that we did not create, for example tools, watering can, pots and hoses. However, these are in most cases upgraded with our colors and patterns.

Create that appealing, lush, green and colorful feeling that the coolest flower boutiques around the world do when they stack plants of different sizes, shapes and color on boxes!

"drum roll please" is designed so that you can, for example, combine a tall bamboo grass with a Ranunculus and a Dahlia. The plants are also protected from falling down by frames on each shelf. 

Easy to join several together, perfect as a privacy screen and space divider on your patio.  In the picture, two different sizes are joined together.

"Everything has its place" now also applies to gardening tools and other supplies needed in the garden. No more searching and no more frustration with tools along the house walls. Many extra accessories, including decking for placing a watering can or a box, leather holders for tools that can't be hung or that are unstable for example a weedpicker.

In summer, placed where the tools, soil and fertilizer will be used among flowers, fruit and berries so that the job gets done.

In winter with a snow shovel, broom, ice pick and with sand in our box, unless the product serve the same purpose as in summer in a shed or garage.

Place on a flat surface, close to the exit and garden, preferably under the roof ridge for less maintenance and long life. Share product with neighbors if you live in an apartment building to ease up the work with common chores.

The workbench is designed with inspiration from how commercial gardens handle planting, with a neutral design that makes it equally suitable as an outdoor kitchen as a bench for creating bouquets. Space for storage on three different levels that can also be slid sideways. This allows the soil bag to be on level with the workspace and reduces heavy lifting.

It is available in two different sizes and can be extended with many practical accessories. Several units can also easily be assembled.

Place on a flat surface, centrally in the garden in a pergola or in a greenhouse. If you share a garden with others, you can advantageously share workbenches so that the work with potted plants can be done outdoors without the risk of littering indoors. Later in the evening it can serve as a gathering point when the evening meal is prepared in the summer night.

Get inspired to do what you love!

Create a flexible buildable "board" for organizing what you need to take care of your garden or perhaps an entrance and courtyard.

Fits just as well in a entrance to an apartment building or villa as on a facade or in a greenhouse. Can be supplemented with many different additional accessories.

Leave soil and fertilizer out near your plants on one of our products or perhaps a balcony or roof terrace with the help of the smart storage bag Goodie Bag.

Practical wooden closure with space to write the contents of the bag. The bag is available in several sizes to fit different sizes of soil bags.

Strong fabric allows the bag to be lifted without breaking.

Some of the accessories available for purchase include a leather holder for a cord or hose, boxes with removable bottoms that can be stacked and completed with stainless steel lids, a ”pallet” serves as a dedicated spot for a watering can, soil bags or boxes.