I could not resist to leave a fantastic employer to have the time and opportunity to create the products that I could not find anywhere.

My name is Anders and I am the person that design the front row garden products to solve problems that I and others experience. I live in Södermalm in Stockholm unless I'm working in our garden at our holiday home on the island of Ljusterö in the Stockholm archipelago. I am originally from Härnösand, located on the coast of Norrland in Sweden.

The ambition with all products is that they should have an appealing aesthetic so that they will be placed in a central position in the garden and that it will be lovingly cared for and last a long time.

When we built our house in the Stockholm archipelago and were to take care of the garden, I often experienced problems. One was that I often neglected to use the garden tools because I didn't know where I had placed them, and often the big and small ones were placed in different places. In addition, I didn't think it looked appealing to have tools along the walls of the house or lying all over the ground.

Another was that I missed an area where I could work in the garden that had a neutral design and could be used for a variety of purposes without feeling out of place, with plenty of storage options and that made work easier.

In order to test whether others experienced similar problems, a market survey was conducted and as a majority in several areas experienced similar problems, it was easy to make the decision to work on finding solutions to the problems.

I for example created the tool stand Not a shed and the tool holder Capsule that makes it possible to gather the majority of tools and supplies in one location. And not only the for the tools that could be hung up or lean towards the product but also unstable tools without a hanging device. Since I wanted to locate the tools and supplies right in the middle of the garden where needed the ambition were to design products that also look appealing.

I hope you will find this and other products in our web shop solving one or several problems that you may have. And that they inspires you to spend even more time creating in your garden.

There are also in new categories underway which has been approached with same thinking. So join us on our journey!

Febthirty is a company that first and foremost designs and creates its own products from scratch with the ambition that they should be aesthetically appealing. The products should be something new and unique that adds value or has functions or solutions that do not exist today. Febthirty is an abbreviation of the date February 30 that has existed once in history in Sweden 1712 when we changed calendars to current Gregorian. The thought behind the name is that we should create products as unique as the date.

All our production takes place in Sweden and virtually all raw materials come from Sweden. Exceptions are some of the vegetable tanned skins, stainless steel plate that comes from Italy and Finland. Furthermore, it is important for us to use the best possible certified materials such as FSC certified timber and try to utilize all the raw materials purchased.